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Honey & Hive Private Tour

2 - 4 pax $2000 NZD / $1240 USD for the vehicle
6 – 8 pax $300 NZD pp / $190 USD pp
10 –11 pax $250 NZD pp / $160 USD pp
12 – 18 $200 pp / $125 pp USD pp

Join your guide for an unforgettable up close and personal tour behind the scenes where you will look into the world of bees and NZ Honey. Our very own beekeeper will provide you with an engrossing talk about bees before you put on a bee suit and visit the live hives to find the Queen bee as well as taste honey straight from a hive, extracting some honey for yourselves to take home as a keepsake.

You will enjoy a basic city sights tour as part of this package including the World's Steepest Street, Signal Hill Lookout, and the Dunedin Railway Station

This tour will have you wishing you had never swatted a bee in your life!

Lunch Stop can be added to this tour and your guide will discuss options to suit you.

The Honey and Hive tour is suitable for ages 3 - 100 and is a very  safe and enjoyable tour.

Quick Guide


Max People

5 Plus


6 Hours

Duration (approx)

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