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Where will you pick me up from?

We pick up and return you to the Port Chalmers Wharf where your vessel is berthed.  Security is checked on board the bus after which we deliver you directly to your vessel.


How long is the tour?

The full day tour we describe as a 6 hour tour but is often longer (although it never seems like it!)  It's a very relaxed and well-paced day suitable for all ages.  We aim to have you back at Port at about 4- 4:30PM


What should I wear?

Dunedin's weather is eclectic at best.  To dress like a local is to turn up in layers like an onion.  Too hot, take some off etc.  


What does it cost?

All tour prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Tours start from $59NZD pp!  Amazing value!  


What will I see?

We cover 120km of Dunedin and encompassing both sides of the Otago Peninsula on the full day tour.  Plenty of photo opportunities and time off the bus.  See the tour section for a more detailed synopsis.


What about toilet stops?

The first stop is about 30 minutes after you board the bus.  There are toilets behind the white marquee on Port and we encourage you to use these before boarding.  The longest time between toilet stops is about 30 minutes


Will I need my ID?

Yes, you must bring your ship ID along on the tour with you so that you may re-board your vessel.  All guests are checked on board our bus as we re-enter port.

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